What Does It Mean to Wear Black as a Bride?

Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

Black wedding dresses are appealing to numerous brides for a variety of reasons. Some females simply enjoy the notion of extravagantly expressing their individual taste on their wedding day. Black gowns are also an effective way to cut related ceremony and reception expenses. Searching for and purchasing a black dress is easy, due to the vast number of retail outlets which offer dresses at multiple price points. Online clothing clearance sites are also a valuable asset for brides looking to cut costs.

Outdated Traditional Implications

Brides who are older, have previously been married, or even ones who simply shun the forced traditional rituals associated with wearing white on the wedding day, find black gowns appealing. Women who view getting married as another piece of their life puzzle, versus the entire basis of their life existence, enjoy the option of an elegant black dress. Traditional values, such as the notion that the white dress reflects the bride's purity, are becoming less significant.

Gothic Chic Style

Women who use their Gothic style fashion sense to express themselves as individuals often enjoy sharing their appreciation for everything dark on their wedding day. The easiest way to convey your love of this culture is to wear a wedding dress that is completely black. Many women who opt to do this still don more traditional wedding make-up. They also put their hair into classic updos or wear sophisticated styles to offset the potentially shocking image of a black dress gliding down the aisle headed for the altar.

Simply Something Different

Whereas some brides want to blend in on their big day, some women want to stand out as much as possible. Brides who celebrate the fact that they are different than the majority of women in various ways enjoy sharing this reality with close friends and family on their big day. Donning a black wedding gown is one of the quickest and simplest ways to convey this preference. Black dresses also allow the bride to easily determine how fancy she'll allow the ambiance of her wedding and reception to be. If she wears an elaborate black ball gown, guests can also wear formal attire. Likewise, should she opt for a casual knee-length dress, guests can accommodate her as well.

Avoid Unwanted Attention

Brides who wish to fly below the public radar on their wedding day sometimes opt to dress in black. Dressing in this traditional color allows women to move about on public streets, and in and out of a courthouse or church, avoiding unwanted attention. The bride-to-be enjoys the notion that she could simply be attending any typical dinner or social engagement. Public officials or celebrities in particular, appreciate the anonymity a black dress affords them when traveling to or attending their reception as well.