What the Bride Should Wear for Her Second Wedding

bride and groom holding hands, while bride holds b image by nextrecord from Fotolia.com

A bride getting married for the second time has just as many options for wedding attire as she did the first time around. Since about 54 percent of divorced women remarry within five years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many weddings involve couples who have been married before. Although second-time brides do not have to adhere to any specific wardrobe rules, there are some factors they should consider when choosing their attire.


The formality of a bride’s attire for her second wedding depends on the formality of her wedding. A black-tie affair calls for a formal wedding gown, while a beach wedding or casual backyard wedding requires a less formal dress. Dress appropriately for the affair you’re throwing.


Second-time brides can wear white, just as they did the first time around. However, the Today Show recommends that brides avoid flat white and choose shimmery or metallic shades of white for their wedding dress. Also, consider an off-white, ivory or pale pink dress, which may be more complementary for your skin tone than bright white. Second-time brides can embrace color, as well. If you wore a white gown for your first wedding and want something different, choose a dress in your favorite color. For a second wedding, your color choices are endless.

Traditional Dress

Many second-time brides choose to wear traditional bridal gowns. Although a princess ball gown might be too flashy for most second-time brides, they can choose slim, floor-length gowns or lace gowns. The Today Show suggests that second-time brides choose A-line or full-skirted styles, which flatter all figure types.


A mature bride might feel more comfortable in a well-fitted suit. This sophisticated look is more appropriate for an older bride than an over-the-top gown. Choose a classic pant suit in a flattering shade. Or, as the Today Show suggests, select a dress and matching jacket, which is a “fresh twist on the suit.” This contemporary, formal look works well for the bride uncomfortable in a traditional wedding gown.

Casual Dress

If you and your husband-to-be choose a more relaxed theme for your second wedding, select a dress that fits this theme. A sleeveless shift dress is a flattering look on most figures—choose one in a pastel shade for a bright wedding look. A tea-length dress is also a more casual alternative for the second-time bride, according to the Westchester County and Hudson Valley Wedding Guide.