The Best Colors for a March Wedding

by Emma Riley Sutton ; Updated September 28, 2017

Not quite winter and not yet spring, choosing colors for your March wedding isn’t the easiest of tasks. The good news is that the old rule of choosing colors according to the season is no more. The new rule is that it is your wedding to do with as you see fit. However, for more traditional brides and grooms, there are some seasonal color that will work well for their March wedding.


Go green for your March wedding. This works especially well for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. Choose a shamrock green when your wedding date is March 17th. Add red and white for contrast.


Have a blue wedding in March. Choose a darker blue that is complemented by gold, silver or pinks. Choose a lighter blue that goes well with yellows, black and cream.


Choose red for your March wedding. Red coordinates well with blues, greens and silver. Some shades of taupe also work well with darker, murkier shades of red.


Select a bright yellow for your March wedding. Use browns, blues and greens to complement this sunny shade. Black also works well; be careful not to make like a bumble bee, though


Have a peach wedding in March. Select yellows, greens and purple to go with this color. Be careful that you choose true yellows; hints of orange or red would clash.

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