What Colors Can I Match With Watermelon for My Fall Wedding?

wedding celebration image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.com

Choosing the perfect wedding color combination is one of the first steps when planning your wedding. The colors that you choose depend on your personal preferences, the season and the area that the wedding will take place. The color watermelon can work well for an autumn wedding.


Black goes well with watermelon for a fall wedding, since it is timeless and goes with just about any color. It works better with watermelon than a softer pink since both are rich colors. Black looks lovely with patterns, such as polka dots or damask. Watermelon pink paired with black is sophisticated and elegant.


The right shade of green is lovely paired with watermelon. Stay away from the shade of green that is actually found on the watermelon. That looks too much like an actual watermelon and does not work well for autumn. Instead, pair watermelon pink with a deep, hunter green. This jewel color is eye-catching next to the bold pink.


Mango and watermelon creates a romantic and tropical feel. This works for a fall or summer wedding. Keep the base color pink with accents of orange throughout. If the wedding location is in a cold place, the colors won't match the season. It is better if the wedding is held in a warm or tropical climate if you choose these colors.


Brown fits right in for an autumn wedding as it is reminiscent of leaves on the ground. A backdrop of brown with splashes of watermelon is elegant. Brown centerpieces on the table made with brown candles and watermelon pink beads provide an attractive reception setting.