How to Make a Cake Look Like a Pineapple

Pineapple-shaped cakes are the perfect addition to a luau or a celebration for a fruit lover or SpongeBob enthusiast. Creating a pineapple-shaped cake requires a degree of understanding of cake decorating and the use of decorating tools. A pineapple-shaped cake pan allows you to create a pineapple cake in your choice of colors without the need to carve the cake yourself.

Bake your cake according to the mix or recipe instructions. Allow the cake to cool for an hour or until it is completely cool to the touch. Transfer the cake from the pan to your plate or cake board.

Remove the rings from the couplers and place each coupler as far into a decorating bag as possible. Mark where the bottom thread of the coupler shows through the bag.

Remove the coupler and cut the bag at the mark. Replace the coupler. Place the decorating tip over the coupler and screw the coupler ring over the tip to secure it in place. Perform this step for each bag.

Separate the buttercream icing into 4 bowls. You will need 1/2 cup of brown icing, 1/2 cup of green, 1 1/2 cups of golden yellow icing and 1/2 cup lemon yellow icing. Tint using the icing colors and the toothpicks. Stir the color into the icing using the spatula.

Cuff the decorating bag and fill each with the colors of icing to coincide with the decorating tip. The bag with tip #67 should be filled with green icing. One bag with tip #18 should be filled with lemon yellow icing and the other with golden yellow. The bag with tip #5 should be filled with brown.

Twist the open end of the brown icing bag closed. Place brown lines onto the pineapple based on the lines baked into the cake. Squeeze gently, moving across the cake to fill the lines.

Place lemon yellow stars in the center of each crisscross area. Twist the open end of the bag closed and hold it 1/8 inch above the cake. Squeeze the bag until the star is formed, then stop pressure and pull the bag away. Repeat this step until a cluster of stars is created.

Place golden yellow stars in each crisscross section around the lemon yellow stars. The stars should fill the section and complete the look of the pineapple.

Place leaves on the pineapple top. Twist the open end of the green icing bag closed and place the tip close to the top of the pineapple. Squeeze the bag and move outward toward the ends of the pineapple leaves. Stop squeezing and pull the bag away from the cake once you have reached the end.