How to Plan a March Wedding

You’ve decided that the month is March is the perfect time for your wedding. All that is for you to do now is plan what will be one of the largest events and most important days in your life. Hiring a wedding coordinator is always an option. However, planning a wedding isn’t as difficult as you might think. All you need is an eye for details, the ability to anticipate the unexpected and a few organizational skills. Of course, a sense of humor always helps. Laughing about all the imperfections that can and will happen is much better than crying over them.

Choose a theme. Wedding themes are as varied as the couples getting married. You could have a hippie wedding or a fairy princess wedding. St. Patrick’s Day and “first day of spring” weddings are great options for weddings in March. Some couples use color as wedding themes as well, such as a red and white wedding or blue and yellow wedding. Whether you are planning to have a formal, informal or even casual wedding, it is important you choose a theme.

Choose a venue. Make sure the location that you select will fulfill any requirements your specific faith may have. It must also be large enough to accommodate your guests. Check the any rules the location has regarding decorating, room capacities and cancellation policies. March weather varies, so have a backup plan if you're wanting an outdoor venue. Play it safe and keep the wedding indoors. Flowers may not be in bloom yet if you are wanting flower-filled garden wedding. Although it's not always exact, checking the Farmer's Almanac for weather information is a good idea when you select your wedding date.

Choose the colors for your wedding. With March being the beginning of spring, pretty pastels or the vibrant colors of budding flowers would be good options. If you getting married on St. Patrick’s Day, try emerald green with a splashes of black and red. A black-and-white wedding is becoming a classic choice for wedding colors. Keep in mind the fresh flowers and greenery that are available in March.

Choose the wedding party’s attire. If the wedding is formal, long cocktail-like dresses should be worn by the women, and the men should be wearing tuxedos. If the wedding is casual, anything goes. The wedding party could wear bluejeans or whatever the bride and groom choose. Because March weather can vary significantly, whatever attire decided upon should be able to adjust to cooler or warmer weather. Trying adding short jackets to the ladies' dresses that can be taken off if the weather is warmer than expected.

Choose the flowers you want for your wedding. Not all flowers will be economical to purchase in March. However, many florists offer quality silk flowers that are always in season. Keep in mind your wedding’s theme, the colors you’ve selected and the style of wedding you want. Roses are always a good option. For a “beginning of spring” wedding, daisies and other wildflowers are excellent choices.