The Best Colors for a January Wedding

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As January signifies the beginning of a new year, a wedding in January signifies the beginning of a new life. January weddings allow you to choose from a wide range of color combinations. From silver to blue to red, there are quite a few colors and color combinations to consider for your January wedding.


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Silver is a beautiful color for January since it brings in the idea of winter and snow. Paired with white, silver becomes a very classy color. Add red flowers and the silver will really pop out. You could also pair silver with any shade of blue to get the real feel of winter.


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Gold adds a classic touch to a formal wedding, or if you want a more fun, party-like atmosphere, pair gold with purple or green. Gold can also be paired well with dark shades of blue or burgundy. Gold still has the holiday feel without being overly Christmas, so it truly makes a classy statement.

Shades of Red

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If you are a thrifty bride, shades of red are a good choice because many decorating items that were used for Christmas will now be on sale and can work well with a wedding. If you want to stray away from the typical red associated with Christmas, try burgundy, cranberry or raspberry. These colors add a romantic and elegant touch to the wedding. Paired with white, cream or silver, the wedding will be gorgeous.

Shades of Blue

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Shades of blue appropriate for a January wedding include navy, midnight blue, royal blue or light blue -- or a combination of two shades. The darker blues work well paired with gold or cream, while the lighter blues pair with silver (creating a perfect winter wonderland). Another beautiful combination is a shade of blue with a dark brown.


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Chocolate, rich chocolate or mocha are beautiful colors for a January wedding. The lightness of ivory paired with the darkness of chocolate creates a stunning combination. With a touch of gold or champagne, you can add a classy, more formal touch. Chocolate is beautiful paired with shades of blue.

Shades of Green

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Dark green, emerald green and forest green are in abundance at after-Christmas sales. If you are trying to stay away from the bright green of Christmas or do not want to associate your wedding with Christmas, try emerald, hunter green, or forest green. Stay away from any shades of red. Instead, pair green with silver, gold, cream, or maybe even a shade of purple.