Corsage Flowers & Meanings

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A gift of flowers will brighten someone's day no matter what blossom you choose. Did you know, however, that certain flowers symbolize certain qualities or concepts? Of course, not everyone pays attention to the meaning of flower species, but it is enriching to know. For special occasions such as weddings or formal parties, women often wear wrist or pin-on corsages with a miniature floral arrangement. When ordering a corsage, consider the traditional meaning of the flower species you choose to convey your intended meaning.


Orchids are similar in shape to daffodils, though more exotic-looking with several shades of color on the same blossom and several sprays on the same stem. An orchid can stand for rare, delicate beauty and nobility or for bearing many children, due to the roots' resemblance to a testicle.


These large blossoms have hundreds of small petals and grow singly, as roses do, rather than in a bunch like alstroemeria or baby's breath. Carnations are one of the most widely recognized flower types and are often used for corsages. The meaning of carnations varies with color: red is equated with love; white with talent; and pink with boldness. Yellow carnations are said to represent disdain, so be careful if including this in a corsage.


Generally long-stemmed, single flowers with overlapping petals in a bowl-shaped bloom, the rose is used as a gift for myriad occasions and to convey many different sentiments. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, passion and perfection. Different meanings are assigned to roses depending on the number and color of the flowers given. Red roses symbolize love. White means innocence and purity. The two colors blended together mean unity. Pink roses stand for happiness. Yellow conveys jealousy or a loss of love.


Freesia, another plant frequently found in corsages, has trumpet-shaped flowers in a row along a stem with sword-shaped leaves. It is named after a German physician, Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. This flower represents innocence and trust.


The chrysanthemum is a long-stemmed single bloom with many long petals. These flowers are popular in many shades, which generally represent wealth, abundance and optimism. When a red chrysanthemum is used in a corsage, it symbolizes love. White stands for truth. Yellow represents slighted love.