How to Make a Corsage for a Man

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Corsages for men are more commonly referred to as boutonnieres. Instead of being worn around the wrist, as most traditional corsages are worn by women, the boutonniere is pinned to the lapel as an accent to a man’s suit. These corsages are usually made from a single, sturdy flower such as a rose that will not fall apart during the special event, and are complemented with a small amount of foliage. When making a corsage for a man, avoid creating an elaborate flower arrangement which might look too feminine.

Cut the rose from the stem, leaving about an 1 1/2 inches of stem remaining - this will be used to fasten the corsage.

Wrap the entire stem of the rose, starting at the top, with floral tape. Wrap the tape around the entire stem until you reach the base, and then cut off the extra tape.

Cut off a piece of greenery from the rose - a few simple leaves will serve this purpose. Place the leaf behind the rose and secure it by wrapping the floral tape around the stem of the leaf to secure it.

Attach a boutonniere pin to the corsage to cover up the stem, and pin the corsage to the man’s lapel.