How to Make Artificial Bouquets

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Making your own bouquets can drastically cut the costs of a wedding or other special event. Fresh flowers can be quite expensive depending on the type of flowers you want for your bouquet. Another downside to fresh flower bouquets is that the flowers only last a short time. Artificial bouquets can be made with silk flowers that can be bought for just a couple dollars. The silk flowers are cheapest in bushes with several flowers with plastic-coated wire stems joined at a base. You can start with this base bundle of flowers separate them or purchase single stem silk flowers.

Find a vase with a circumference that you can hold comfortably in your hands. This will serve as a stand for creating the bouquet and ensure that you don’t add more stems than you can comfortably hold.

Separate the individual stems from the small bouquet by cutting them with wire cutters or bending them back and forth until the internal wire breaks. You can skip this step and use this small group of flowers as your base, but you won’t be able to place the flowers where you want them.

Trim off the excess leaves, leaving only one or two close to the flower bloom. You can either cut the leaves with scissors or slide them off the bottom of the stem.

Place your larger flower stems into the vase one stem at a time so they are where you want them. These will be the main focal point of the bouquet.

Arrange the medium-sized flowers around the larger flowers, maintaining equal spacing between all the flowers.

Fill in any gaps with a small filler flower, such as artificial baby’s breath.

Add in small decorative floral picks options like fake berries, twigs, or even feathers. You don’t want to overpower the bouquet with decorative pieces, so use only two or three throughout the bouquet.

Take the arrangement out of the vase and adjust the flowers by hand.

Wrap floral wire around the middle of the stems two or three times and then twist to secure it tightly.

Wrap the entire length of the stems tightly with green floral tape to hide the floral wire and hold the bouquet together.

Wrap a piece of ribbon around the stems and tie a bow to conceal the wire and accent the bouquet. Choose a ribbon color that coordinates with your flower colors.