How to Design a Crescent Floral Arrangement

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Many people miss out on the fun of flower arrangement when they just plunk their flowers into a vase. By spending some time on your flower arrangement, you can create an interesting focal piece and exercise your creativity. To showcase your flowers using an asymmetrical look, try creating a crescent flower arrangement.

Choose the flowers and greens for your arrangement. You'll need one to three long flowers, branches or leaves to form your crescent. You will also need to pick flowers to place in the crook of the crescent.

Select a low, wide-rimmed vase. Use the color and material of your vase to compliment the flowers and greens in your flower arrangement.

Cut florist's foam to fit in your vase snugly. Place the foam in the vase.

Place the central, crescent flowers first. Secure your flowers in the foam so that the majority of the length (about three quarters of the length) forms the top three quarters of a "C" on one side of the vase. The remaining one quarter of the length forms the bottom of the "C" on the other side of the vase.

Adjust the angle and shape of your central crescent foliage so that they balance securely in the vase.

Add flowers and greens to the crook of the "C." Center these flowers over the vase, rather than having them stick out like your crescent foliage. Cut them so they rest low and close to the vase rim.

Fill any remaining space in the crook of your "C" with extra flowers and greens. If you want to have flowers or greens hanging over the rim of your vase, keep them short enough that they don't interfere with the crescent shape of the flower arrangement.