Christian Decorating Ideas for Table Arrangements


Table arrangements bring a touch of elegance to any room. Use them on a sofa, dining or coffee table to add some warm ambiance to your home. Don't settle for a plain table arrangement. Create one with a Christian theme. It's easy to do--just incorporate some Christian symbols into your arrangement like a dove, a cross or Easter lilies. If you want a tablescape or table arrangement that is unique and lovely, try one of these. Here are some Christian decorating ideas for table arrangements.

A Dove Arrangement

One Christian table arrangement you can create is centered around the peace dove. Use the white of the peace dove as the base color of your arrangement. Place three or four white candles in varying sizes on a glass platter. Arrange the candles in the center of the platter and scatter some iridescent pebbles among them. In the center of the arrangement add an artificial peace dove. If you like, tie a gold or white ribbon around the candles to join them together. Then attach the dove to the bow.

Cross Table Arrangement

The cross is the central symbol of the Christian faith. Find a cross statuary to stand in the center of your table. The cross should be about two feet high. Add two pillars to the arrangement, one on either side of the cross. The pillars should be slightly shorter than the cross statue. Add candles to the pillars. Around the base of the cross and the pillars, weave some artificial green vine such as ivy. Then snip some artificial roses in whatever color you like and add them to the greenery.

Angelic Arrangement

Angels are popular in any culture, but especially among Christians. Make your Christian table arrangement sing with beauty by adding some angels to your design. In the center of your table, place an empty cake stand. A glass or crystal cake stand would be perfect for this arrangement. Layer the bottom of the cake stand with small artificial palm or fern leaves. Top the leaves with whatever knickknacks you like. It could be seasonal such as Christmas tree ornaments or Easter eggs. You could even display pretty sea shells. Then stand angels in varying sizes on the table surrounding the cake stand. You'll have an army of angels trumpeting your beautiful arrangement.