How to Make a Swan Lake Headpiece

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Swan Lake, a majestic ballet performance, involves the story of a prince who falls in love with a swan. The swan is actually a young girl who had been cursed by an evil sorcerer. The stark white tutu of the ballerina swan is enhanced with a luxurious headpiece of white feathers. The headpiece would be perfect for a ballerina of any age for a stage performance, Halloween or a ballerina-themed birthday party. White feathers can be found at craft stores

Attach one white feather stem to the headband, positioning the feather tip at the bottom edge of the left edge of the headband, using a small amount of glue and the hot glue gun.

Layer three more feathers over the first, moving toward the top of the headband, attaching the feathers with the hot glue gun.

Repeat, attaching the remaining feathers to the right side of the headband in the same manner.

Glue the antique broach to the center top of the headband, using the hot glue gun.