How to Make a Bottom-Tie Tank Top

by Kirsten Nunez ; Updated September 28, 2017

Tank tops are staples during the summer season, but they can be pretty mundane. For an unconventional twist on the standard tank, create ties along the bottom. This simple reconstruction technique is easy enough for beginner crafters. The finished product can be worn with denim shorts or layered over a bathing suit.

Protect your work area with the plastic tablecloth or tarp. Crumple the tank top.

Randomly tie rubber bands around the crumpled tank top.

Randomly apply liquid fabric dye to the tank top.

Turn the shirt over and add more fabric dye.

Rinse the tank top under running water until the water runs clear. Then, place the shirt in the washing machine for one cycle to remove any lingering dye.

Let the tank top air dry completely.

Fold the tank top width-wise, from left to right to join the left corner of the tank top with the right

At an angle, cut across the width of the folded tank top. For best results, use fabric scissors.

Unfold the tank top. Cut a slit along the tank tank by cutting straight up the side, stopping when you are parallel to the highest point of the center cut-out.

Separate the two layers of fabric and bunch them up.

Tie a single knot with the two bunches of fabric.

Cut and tie the other side by repeating steps 9-11 on the other side.

A bottom-tie tank top is a fun alternative to the traditional tank top.

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