How to Make a Genie Veil

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People dress up in costumes to experience the exotic, the frightening, and the bizarre. And there aren't too many costumes more exotic than the genie. The brightly colored, diaphanous clothes coupled with the capability to grant wild wishes, make the genie a popular choice for Halloween or any other costume occasion. One of the most iconic, mysterious, and necessary parts of this alluring costume is the veil.

How to Make a Genie Veil

Cover the headband. Measure your headband from end to end and measure its width. Cut a strip of satin that is length of your headband, but double the width plus a half an inch. On the underside of the headband, using the glue gun, glue the satin lengthwise to the headband. On one of the unglued corners of satin, sew one side of the snap to the satin. Wrap the headband with the satin strip and glue the other edge of the satin to the underside on the headband. Your headband should be covered, set it aside and let the glue cool.

Make the front of the veil. You should have about 69 inches of fabric left, cut it in half and set one half aside. On one corner of the satin rectangle (it doesn't matter which corner), sew the other half of the snap. Affix the snap to its mate on the headband. Take the opposite corner along the long edge and glue it to the opposite side of the headband.

Make the back of the veil. With the remaining satin, you'll make the back portion of the veil. Simply glue the shorter edge of the fabric to the underside of the headband. The curve in the headband will create some gather in the fabric, but feel free to gather it as you glue if you'd like to.