How to Make a Pirate Hat From a Bandanna

Pirates have captured imaginations since the 13th Century BC. Thousands of years since they were originally documented by historians, pirates continue to inspire us, particularly when it comes to costumes. Pirate costumes are reasonably easy to create, but most people find it difficult to duplicate the traditional bandannas. These are quite easily made from things you already have around the house, and are the perfect finishing touch to an authentic pirate costume.

Cut a square from cotton material that measures about 24 by 24 inches. Patterned fabrics are more interesting than solid colors, although plain black will work fine, too. Cut the square diagonally in half, forming two triangles. Set one of them aside.

Spread one of the fabric triangles flat on an ironing board with the wrong side up. Fold a half an inch of the fabric inward on one side and press it flat with the iron. Repeat this for the other two sides of the triangle.

Machine sew or hand-baste each of the folded and pressed sides to create neat hems and to secure them into place. Press the entire triangle to complete the construction of your bandanna.

Hold the bandanna over your face with the triangle pointing down and with the wrong side facing out. Tie the ends of the bandanna at the back of your head. Flip the point of the triangle up and over the top of your head. The right side of the fabric will now be facing upward. Tie the point of the triangle to the knot that you made with the ends at the back of your head.

Cut two strips--each about an inch wide--from the wide side of the fabric triangle that you set aside earlier. Sew them onto the tips of the knotted ends if you would like to dress up the appearance with longer ties.

Remove the bandanna and attach a skull-and-crossbones patch or applique, once you've admired your creation in the mirror and have picked a spot for the patch. Put the hat back on when you've added the patch and practice saying, "Arrrrrrrr, a pirate I be!"