How to Make a Homemade Disney Belle Costume

by Charity Corkey ; Updated September 28, 2017

Belle is from "Beauty and the Beast."

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A Disney Belle costume can be used for Halloween or dress up, and can be sewn or crafted from store-bought items. The Disney Belle costume from "Beauty and the Beast" consists of an elegant, full-length, off-the-shoulder yellow ball gown, complete with long yellow gloves and a bright yellow hair ribbon.

Putting the Costume Together

Sew the belle costume gown using pattern directions to guide you. Or buy a yellow gown from a store or consignment shop.

Sew yellow gloves using a pattern, purchase online or from a store. You may need to dye white gloves.

Curl the hair into loose curls using a curling iron. Secure with hairspray.

Tie a yellow ribbon around the top of the head in place of a headband.

Apply pink lipstick and blush to complete the look.

Sewing the Dress

If sewing your dress from scratch, lay out the pattern and cut out the pieces of fabric.

Secure the pieces using sewing tacks.

Sew the top part of the dress (bodice) first.

Sew the edges of the skirt.

If you desire the skirt to include ruching, thread portions of the skirt vertically. Space the ruches evenly apart and tighten/gather before knotting.

Sew together the bodice and skirt.

Sew the sleeves and attach to the bodice.

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