Style Ideas for a Sock Hop

by Erica Loop

If you're bopping on down to a sock hop, finding the right 1950s style can make or break your costume. Dressing for a ’50s-themed event allows you to get creative while looking like a blast from the past. You can go the preppy route and stick to puffy poodle skirts and ponytails or you can try out an edgier leather-clad style.

Women's Preppy Dress

The good girls and boys of the 1950s typically stuck to preppy, clean-cut fashions. Dress up your sock-hop style with a full poodle skirt. Choose a below-the-knee length full skirt that has some swing to it. Avoid anything that is tight or short in length. As it's unlikely that you will find a skirt that comes with the trademark ’50s poodle, you will need to create your own embellishment. Iron on a ready-made decal or create your own doggy design using fabric markers and a poodle-shaped stencil. Pair your skirt with a solid-colored button-down blouse and roll up the sleeves. Complete the look with a high ponytail at the crown of your head, a pair of saddle shoes and minimal or natural-looking makeup.

Men's Preppy Ideas

Channel Frankie Avalon or one of the other more clean-cut men of the ’50s by wearing a preppy style to your sock-hop event. Start with a basic pair of chinos or khaki pants, and pair them with a solid button-down and a plaid cardigan. Add a letterman's jacket for a preppy, sporty style. When choosing colors, go for 1950s pastels and consider wearing a pink shirt or adding a pink tie to the mix. Create a clean-cut hairstyle by smoothing your hair into a plain side part.

Women's Edgy Style

Just like Sandy transformed from sweet Sandra Dee to a leather-wearing bad girl in the movie "Grease," you can try on a tough, chic look for the big sock hop. Instead of a swinging skirt, opt for a tight pencil version or a pair of snug-fitting black capris. Add a tight-fitting sweater and a black leather or faux leather jacket. Accessorize your style with a bold chiffon scarf tied around your neck, cherry red lipstick and teased hair.

Men's Edgy Style

Using Fonzie of "Happy Days" fame as your sock-hop inspiration is a cool option for men. Wear a basic pair of jeans; stick with a medium blue and avoid anything that looks overly modern or has shreds and holes in it. Pair your jeans with a plain white T-shirt and either a denim or leather jacket. Add some shine to your hair with a slicked back gel style or pouf the front up into a pompadour.

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