How to Dress as an 80s Groupie

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Going to a rock concert in the 1980s was a “totally rad” experience. To fully appreciate the vibes, fans dressed up as their favorite singer. Groupies came in all ages. Both sexes got into the swing of the event by teasing their hair and dressing as their favorite music hero, whether it was Madonna, Paula Abdul or Cyndi Lauper for the girls, or Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen or Billy Idol for the guys. Dressing as an ‘80s groupie can bring back those thrills of yesteryear at your next costume party.

Girl Groupies

Find a mini skirt and skintight leggings to wear underneath the skirt. Wear a bright-colored crop top and a short bolero jacket with rhinestones or metal studs. If you prefer slacks, wear skintight silver or gold lame long leggings with an off-the-shoulder top.

Tease your hair and mousse it to achieve the big hair look of the '80s. You could also find a long wig with streaks in any color. Attach a big bow or hair band.

Accessorize with a low-slung belt, open-fingered mesh gloves, black high heels or ankle-high boots, and plenty of neon bangle bracelets as well as big earrings. Apply makeup with a heavy hand. Use the popular neon colors of the period that include blue or purple eye shadow. Dust on glitter on your face and shoulders.

Guy Groupies

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Try to look like a heavy metal rocker. Search for a black mesh knit top with tight polyester pants or acid-wash jeans. Add a short leather jacket or jean jacket with big shoulder pads.

Accessorize with a belt dripping with chains. Add a rhinestone choker and combat boots or high top sneakers.

Select a big-haired wig or tease your own hair to match an '80s hairstyle.