How to Feather Bangs

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Breezy feathered bangs soften the lines of your face and jawline, and this retro style is easy to wear. With a few heated styling tools and the right haircut, you can tap into this chic "Charlie's Angels" hairstyle too. Keep your hair in good condition before and after using hot styling tools by using hydrating hair products to nourish the tips and strands. Feathered bangs looks best on medium to long hair, but even women with short hair can wear these bangs.

Step 1

Comb out the bangs from the rest of your hair. For a good feathered style, comb out a 1-inch section. The hair should be clean and dry. Clip the remainder of your hair back with flat hair clips.

Step 2

Smooth the bangs with the comb, and then lift the bangs up, holding them at the opposite angle of your part. For example, if your part is on the left, hold the hair off to the right. You should cut against the part, not with it.

Step 3

Cut into the bang tips with hairstyling scissors vertically, not horizontally, for a feathered bangs look. Point cutting allows you to take off length without ending up with a blunt or choppy bangs style. Continue to comb the bangs out and point cut. You should cut no more than 1/2 inch at a time to avoid over-cutting or making them too short.

Step 4

Apply a dab of texturing or styling gel into the palms of your hands. Rub the product into your bangs.

Step 5

Brush the bangs into a feathered style with a round-barrel brush while blow-drying the bangs with the other hand. You can roll the hair under or flip it up as you brush it.

Step 6

Release the rest of your hair and blow it dry. Use a vent or paddle brush to style the rest of your hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, apply styling gel or mousse before blow-drying.

Step 7

Blend the feathered bangs with the rest of your hair using your fingers. Spray your hair lightly with hairspray or freeze spray. If your hair maintains curl well, skip the spray and enjoy the feathery bounce.