How to Make a Devo Costume

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Devo is a New Wave band that released its first album, "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" in 1978. In addition to a unique style of music, Devo has also promoted the philosophical concept of De-evolution, the concept that in the modern era mankind has stopped evolving toward higher complexity and begun a regression. Perhaps more famous than their philosophy, however, is the Devo style, as seen in their music videos. The iconic all black costume seen in the "Whip It" video, including the Energy Dome hat, can be made at home from simple materials.

Make the Energy Dome

Spread glue on one side of the 8-inch ring and place it on top of the 10-inch ring. Spread glue on one side of the 6-inch ring, then place it on the 8-inch ring. Spread glue on the top of the 6-inch ring and place the small flat disk on the ring.

Place the Styrofoam tower on the newspaper and spray it with red paint. Allow the paint to dry. Optionally, wrap the layers in red duct tape for a shiny and smooth look.

Stick several layers of white tape around the inside of the hat, where it meets your head; this will keep the hat from being too irritating against the skin.

The Clothes

Cut the arms off of the turtleneck with sharp scissors. The sleeve should be cut just beyond the shoulder. Trim off any excess fabric.

Put on the black shorts, socks and boots. Tuck the turtleneck into the pants, then put on a plastic white or black belt.

Roll the neck of the turtleneck up to or over the chin.