How to Fold a Black Beret

Serious soldier

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The black beret, a piece of headgear that has now become standard issue among the United States Army, is a fashionable and functional hat. However, these black berets must be worn in certain ways in order for the full and proper effect to be achieved. Proper folding and creasing is necessary, and it's very important that you make sure not to wear your hair in a way that will press your beret out of shape while you're wearing it.

Fit the beret to your head. There is an adjustable band inside the beret, and you have to find the size that fits your head. Wear the beret 1 inch over the eyebrows with the band straight around the head.

Fold the excess material of the beret down over the right ear. The material of the beret should touch the top of your ear, but it should go no further than the middle of the ear when it hangs down.

Make sure that your beret is keeping the form you folded in it, and if you're going to wear any sort of flash on the beret, it should be above your left eye. Trim off any excess in the adjustment band, and tuck the knot inside the beret. Check to be sure that the fold has stayed in its proper position and that the band is still straight on your head.