Navy Pea Coat Uniform Regulations

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As part of its uniform combination, the United States Navy allows sailors to wear a navy blue peacoat. As with all components of Navy uniforms, however, its manner of wear is highly regulated.


The Navy's peacoat is designed to give sailors some protection against cold weather. In addition to keeping sailors warm, it also is designed to keep in the theme of the Navy's uniform combination.


The male version of the peacoat is double-breasted and extends down to the hip with a convertible collar. It has a single row of four buttons that runs down the center of the coat and, directly to their left, another row of three buttons. These buttons fasten to the right. The female coat is similar to the male peacoat but has two rows of three buttons that fasten to the left. Women can choose to wear either the male or female version of the peacoat.


Sailors wearing the peacoat should keep all but the collar button fastened at all times. The collar button can be fastened during poor weather conditions for extra protection. Personnel should also print their name and last four digits of their social security number three inches away from and parallel to the bottom edge of the coat for identification purposes.