What Is a Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

A textile motorcycle jacket is a jacket designed specifically for motorcycle riders. The textile jacket serves as an alternative option for motorcycle enthusiasts to the leather motorcycle jacket. The textile style offers some advantages to the leather style.


The textile motorcycle jacket can be worn in a range of weather conditions. For instance, a textile jacket has vents that allow it to breathe in warm weather, and it has liners that can be added when the weather is cold, according to the Daytona Motorcycle Training website. It also disperses rainwater better than leather.


Textile motorcycle jackets are more versatile and adjustable than leather jackets and they tend to have more features, such as more pockets, according to Daytona Motorcycle Training. Textile jackets are easier to clean, though they are not as durable as leather jackets.


A textile motorcycle jacket contains some protective armor within it to help protect jacket wearers in the event of an accident. However, according to Daytona Motorcycle Training, leather jackets offer superior protection.