How to Remove Sun Damage on Rain Boots

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Gone are the days of the plain yellow or muddy-brown rubber rain boots. Today's rain boots keep your feet dry while making a fashion statement. Although the variety of designs on rain boots is vast enough to suit every style of dress, rubber is still rubber and requires care to maintain tip-top condition. If left in the sun, rubber rain boots dry out and can eventually crack. To avoid problems related to sun damage you must maintain the rubber for suppleness and durability.

Pour 1 quart of warm water into a bucket. Add five or six drops of mild dishwashing detergent and mix the ingredients.

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Wet a clean cloth in the soap solution. Wring out the excess moisture. Wipe down the exterior of the rubber rain boots to remove surface dirt. Rinse the cloth, as needed, apply more soap solution and continue to clean the boots.

Dampen a clean cloth with water. Rinse the rubber boots by wiping them with the cloth.

Dry the rubber surface with another cloth.

Apply rubber moisturizing conditioner to a clean dry cloth according to directions. Rub the moisturizing conditioner into the rubber. Allow it to sit on the surface for 30 to 45 minutes to moisturize the dry rubber.

Remove excess rubber conditioner by buffing the boots with a dry cloth.