How to Take Care of Rubber Boots

by Jenny Harrington ; Updated September 28, 2017

Rubber boots are most commonly worn in rain and snow, though they are also standard for certain professions and hobbies such as fishing. Rubber boots come in all types from plain and utilitarian to fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Rubber boots need to be taken care of and maintained properly like any other foot wear. Proper care extends the life of the boot as well as maintaining an attractive appearance.

Wash boots with warm water and mild liquid dish soap when they become dirty. Mild soaps will not break down the silicone coating on the boots. Use a soft sponge or cloth, not abrasive scrubbers or brushes.

Allow the boots to air dry at room temperature. Avoid speeding up the process with heat as this will make the rubber break down.

Store the boots, when not in use, standing up out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. They can be stored in a cold room, such as a mudroom or garden shed, over the winter with no damage.

Apply a silicone rubber conditioner monthly during regular use and before storing for the season. Silicone conditioners are available from shoe stores and some hardware stores.

Spray the conditioner onto a lint-free cloth and apply to the boot. Buff away any excess with a second, clean cloth.


  • If they will not stand up on their own, slip an empty paper towel roll into the boots before storing.


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