How to Clean Dirty Frye Boots

Originally opened for business in 1863, Frye is known for its quality leather products, including boots and handbags. Frye products are fashionable, but don’t allow their aesthetics to fool you. From horseback riding to cleaning the stalls, your Frye boots are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of life on the farm, or shopping with the kids. Properly cleaning and conditioning your Frye boots not only helps lengthen their life, it also keeps them looking great when wearing them on the ranch, or in the city.

Hold your Frye boots over a wastebasket and gently tap the soles together to loosen and remove any caked-on dirt and mud.

Wipe away any remaining dried mud, dust or dirt with a dry cloth or soft-bristled brush. For more difficult, caked-on dirt or mud, work a small amount of leather cleanser into the area with a separate cloth. Wipe it away immediately with a separate damp cloth.

Apply a thin layer of leather conditioner with a sponge or soft cloth. Beginning at the boot’s toe, work the product into the leather using small, overlapping circles. Avoid caking a heavy layer of the conditioner on the boots, as this can clog the leather’s pores and prevent the product from being fully absorbed.

Apply a cream or spray weatherproofing product with a soft cloth. Spray or work in a small amount of the product on a hidden, less visible area of the boot, such as next to the sole, and allow it to dry. If no discoloration or darkening occurs, work the product into the remainder of your Frye boots using overlapping circles. If discoloration or darkening occurs, consider either skipping this step or using a product from another manufacturer. Allow the product to dry completely, or for at least one hour, before wearing your Frye boots.