How to Clean Wallabee Soles

Created by the Clark shoe company in 1965, Wallabees are comfortable shoes featuring a moccasin-like upper with a thick outsole. This unique sole is made from plantation crepe, a type of natural rubber with a crinkled appearance. Because all shoes eventually get dirty, it's important to understand the best ways to clean your Wallabees without ruining their soles.

Remove any debris like mud or dirt with a clean dry washcloth or towel. Rub the washcloth from the middle towards the outside of the shoe over the sink or outside.

Dampen the surface of the wallabe soles with a spray bottle of water mixed with a few drops of dish washing detergent containing a de-greaser. Be careful not to get the solution on the suede or leather.

Rub the wet sole with a clean wet washcloth to loosen any remaining dirt or debris and remove any excess suds from the spray bottle. Keep moistening the washcloth and repeating until no suds remain. Let the soles air dry.

Take a large rubber pencil eraser and rub it gently across the bottom of the shoe. The reaction of the rubber against the crepe rubber should loosen up remaining dirt or grime that did not come out during the washing steps.