How to Clean Inside of Clarks Shoes

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Clarks shoes long have been a popular brand, carrying a variety of leather, suede and nubuck materials that create high quality footwear. They also are expensive. Since the shoes are made of these heavy, durable materials, they often trap in moisture and provide little ventilation. This not only causes your feet to perspire during wear, but also allows foot odor to become trapped inside the shoes. To get the most wear out of your Clarks shoes, you must keep the interior of the shoes clean and odor-free.

Sprinkle a heavy coat of baking soda inside of the shoes.

Tap the shoes and tilt from side to side to coat not only the entire base of the insole, but also the interior sides of the shoes.

Let the baking soda sit in the Clarks shoes overnight, and hold the shoes upside down over a trash can the next morning, tapping the baking soda out of the shoes and into the trash can.

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar if the baking soda alone does not clean the Clarks to your liking.

Spray a light mist of the vinegar over the inside of the shoes, and let the Clarks air-dry for about one hour. This will both remove the odor plus kill any bacteria that may be the cause of the foul smell in the shoes.