How to Repair My FootJoy Golf Shoes

by Guy Gardner ; Updated September 28, 2017

Prolong the life of your golf shoes by making your own repairs.

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FootJoy golf shoes are designed to hold your feet as comfortable and securely as possible while you are playing golf. The company makes a variety of golf shoes designed for both men and women. Although strongly built, every golf shoe will succumb to wear over time. If you would like to get more usage out of your pair of FootJoy golf shoes, you can make routine repairs to keep the shoes wearable.

Wipe off any dirt or dust from the surface of the FootJoy golf shoes using a cloth and soapy water. Wipe the shoes again with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Apply shoe repair glue into any cracks between the sole and upper part of the golfing shoes. Make sure to coat the entire surface of the cracks with the glue. Press the uppers and soles of the shoes together and wrap each shoe with duct tape to keep the shoes together while the glue is bonding.

Apply shoe polish to the shoes and rub it into every side and corner of the shoes using a cloth. Buff the shoes until the polish has been worked into the shoes and the surface is shiny again. This will cover up any small scratches or scuffs in the shoes.

Spray on a coating of leather protector to the shoes to protect them from any future wear.


  • Shoe polish comes in a variety of colors, including white and beige. Bring your FootJoy shoes in to a shoe store to inquire if they have shoe polish matching the color of your shoes.

    Contact FootJoy customer service for repairs you are unable to do at home. FootJoy will replace your shoes if they are still under warranty (see Resource). If the warranty period has expired, you can contact LaRossa Shoe Repair, an authorized FootJoy service center, for an estimate of the cost of repairing and refurbishing your pair of FootJoy golf shoes.

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