How to Repair Keen Shoes

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Keen shoes are known for their comfortable and practical sandals, traditional shoes and hiking shoes. The sole is made of rubber and the upper of a soft but durable fabric. Like many sneakers and hiking shoes, the seem between the upper and lower is susceptible to splitting or developing holes which can lead to separation between the upper and lower parts of the shoe. However, you can simply repair this damage and prolong the use of your Keen shoes.

Wipe off dust and dirt from the shoe using a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe any dust or dirt away from the hole or holes between the sole and upper. Leave the shoe to dry.

Apply shoe repair glue to areas where to sole has separated from the upper. Be sure to coat the entire surface inside of the gap between the sole and the upper.

Push the sole and upper together and wrap duct tape around the shoe to hold the two sides together while the glue cures.

Leave the shoe overnight to allow the glue enough time to properly cure, then remove the tape.