How to Repair Doc Martens

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Doc Martens is a shoe company with a reputation built on quality. The product is reputed to be durable. The Doc Marten philosophy states quality cannot come from cheap material, so the company's shoes and boots are made from high end materials. Doc Martens are priced higher than other footwear, backed by a company guarantee and made with material meant to last longer than their cheaper counterparts. Simple repair remedies are available when the footwear does need occasional fixing from normal wear and tear.

Contact the company through their website,, and make a claim for free replacement or repair. The company will assist with free repairs if they deem the claim reasonable.

Use a lighter to melt minor holes in the soles and smooth them over . Doc Marten soles are thick and have extra plastic to spare.

Use the leather cleaner to clean the boot. Use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to reach any dirt ground into cracks in the footwear. Allow time for drying.

Use adhesive in crevices along the lining between the sole and the leather of the boot. If there is a rand, or protective rubber strip, use a toothpick to apply adhesive inside cracks or damage between the rand and sole.