Care for Mephisto Sandals

Mephisto sandals are handmade sandals composed of natural materials including real leather and cork. Known for their comfort and durability, Mephisto sandals range in price from just more than $100 to more $200 a pair. However, the sandals can be resoled and refurbished by the Mephisto factory, allowing the wearer to enjoy them for many years. Proper care will further extend the lifespan of your Mephisto sandals.

Wear Tips

Feet give off perspiration and the cork insoles and leather straps of Mephisto sandals can absorb this perspiration. Don't wear your sandals every day. Wearing them only every other day will allow them to dry thoroughly between wearings.

Wearing socks with your leather sandals will lessen the amount of perspiration the sandals absorb and can help the sandals last longer, though not everyone wants to wear socks with sandals.

Everyday Care

Wipe your Mephisto sandals with a soft cloth to remove surface dust and dirt. Keep your sandals dry. If they do become wet, remove the cork insoles and dry them separately from the rest of the sandals. Allow to air dry. Don't put them in front of a fire, on a radiator or heater, or in a dryer, as this could cause the leather to crack.


Clean dirty Mephisto sandals with saddle soap or soap made for cleaning leather footwear. Rub a little of the soap on a soft cloth and add enough water to work up a slight lather. Rub the lather into the leather; then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Allow the sandals to dry.

Treat the leather with mink oil, nest's-foot oil or another conditioning oil made specifically for leather footwear.


The Mephisto Shoe Co. will resole, repair or recondition your Mephisto sandals. Contact the company through the form on the company website, and it will send you a postage paid mailing bag. Enclose your sandals in the bag along with the required form, and mail to the company. Your refurbished sandals will be returned to you usually in four to six weeks.