How to Care for Dr Martens Boots

Vugluskr public domain

Orthopedist Dr. Klaus Martens never knew that his Dr. Martens footwear would one day be a trend. His vision was long-wearing comfort for the military, postal service and police force. Today, Dr. Marten brand carries several lines and is available in shoes, sandals and boots. Doc Martens with their superior construction will last years. Caring for Dr. Martens boots require little care. They will keep going until you are ready for another style.

Take the laces out of your Doc Martens. Count the eyelets on the boot in order to determine the length for replacement laces, which are available on the website. Laces come in solid colors or imprinted with designs. Clean boots thoroughly with a rag, soft shoe brush or old sock. If you use anything damp when cleaning, let boots dry thoroughly before applying any type of wax, oil, or grease product to them.

Smell your boots. If your Doc Martens need an interior freshener or you wish for a little more support, get Dr. Marten Comfort Insoles. These lightweight insoles have an ergonomic cushioned heel, which is gel based to bolster shock absorption. The flexible design is comfortable but gives support. Re-soling Doc Martens is possible, but only in England.

Protect boots from water, liquid and winter salt. Go to "Dr. Marten for Life" (see Resources) for Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam Leather Care Cleaner. This product works on oiled or smooth leather. First, clean boots. With the accompanying applicator, work a small amount into the leather. Pay special attention to the seams of the boot. Let it absorb. Then using a rag or sock, rub off any excess. Allow boots to dry before wearing.

Try Neatsfoot oil, which is a natural preservative for leather. This oil repels water and protects against leather stiffening from fluctuating wet to dry. It is easier to apply than mink oil while achieving the same results. Meant for rugged usage and exposure, the oil softens and preserves the leather of the boot. Rub a small amount of oil onto the boot. Do not wipe after apply Neatsfoot oil. Leave boots on the newspaper overnight.

Created for loggers to keep their boots dry in severe winter conditions, Huberds shoe grease or oil waterproofs leather boots. Shoe grease renews and waterproofs leather. Recommended for work boots, it protects them from harsh elements. Rub grease from the edge of the leather into the stitching. Allow the grease to absorb. Reapply another coat. Oil comes in 8 oz cans. Shake oil before treatment. With a soft cloth, apply sparingly with circular motions. Grease lasts longer but is harder to apply.

Maintain your boots with sno-seal boot treatment. This beeswax formula dries on the leather surface to a solid wax. This prevents harsh elements from penetrating into the leather. Heat boots with a blow dryer on high until they are warm to the touch. Apply, working the wax into the leather starting from the seams. When finished, blow-dry to melt any excess wax. Set them on the newspaper to dry overnight.