How to Shine Brand New Corcoran Jump Boots

by Jaimie Zinski ; Updated September 28, 2017

Corcoran manufactures footwear specifically created for use by the military and law enforcement, including the waterproof "jump" style, which features a cushioned insole and ankle support. As with other styles of military or dress leather boots, Corcoran jump boots are susceptible to water damage and wear. Aside from improving your boot's appearance, polishing your Corcoran military boots will also create a protective finish that helps prevent the leather from cracking or damage.

Set the Corcoran jump boots on a layer of newspaper. Cover the corner of a soft, white cloth with leather cream or paste polish. Choose a polish designed for your boot's color, such as black for black boots or neutral for tan or brown boots.

Work the cream or paste polish onto the entire surface of the boots using small, overlapping circles. Continue until every inch of the boot's outer surface is completely covered with a light coating of the polish. Avoid applying a heavy layer, which will clog the leather's pores instead of allowing the product to absorb into the boots.

Allow the polish to remain for five to 10 minutes -- no longer -- before buffing the boots with a soft cloth or horsehair polishing brush. Using small, overlapping circles, continue until the Corcoran boots shine and you've removed any remaining leather polish.

Soak a cotton swab with liquid silicone. Corcoran recommends applying a healthy layer of liquid silicone to all the boot's seams. Allow the silicone to dry completely before continuing. The time required for the silicone to dry depends on the product and rate of application.

Cover your Corcoran jump boots with a thin coating of aerosol stain repellent. Choose a product intended for use on water-repellent leather boots. Allow the boots to dry for 10 minutes, or according to the manufacturer's directions, before wearing.


  • Corcoran recommends avoiding spit shining your waterproof boots, which involves applying the polish with a warm, damp cloth.

    Test a small amount of the polish, liquid silicone and aerosol stain repellent on an inconspicuous area, such as near the sole, before applying to the entire boot. If any discoloration or damage occurs after five to 10 minutes, choose an alternative product.

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