How to Replace a Sole on a Timberland Boot

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Timberland, a New England shoe company, has made shoes, sandals and boots for men and women since the early 1900s. Timberland boots have a specially designed sole, made from technology specific to the company. The soles are built for comfort, shock absorption and lengthy wearing. This is one of the characteristics that draw people to purchase Timberland boots. The boots are said to last for years, but you will need to have them resoled or refurbished after a period of time. Timberland doesn’t offer a resoling service, but you can take your boots to a reputable shoe repair shop for new soles.

Locate a shoe repair shop that specializes in resoling Timberland boots. The shop will obtain a new sole from Timberland to put on your boot. Find out if they have worked on Timberland shoes since they have a specialized sole.

Take or mail the boots to the shoe repair shop. Some specialty shoe repair stores allow online orders where you ship your boots to them, and they ship them back once they have new soles.

Allow the shop at least a week to put new soles on your boots. They will have to order the soles before they can repair the boot. It may take longer if you have to wait for shipping.

Ask the shop to refurbish the leather or canvas on the boot so it doesn’t stand out as much against a new sole. This will give the boots an overall brand new appearance.