How to Fix Timberland Boots Damaged by Water

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The Timberland company dates back to 1978. With its beginnings in New England, the company has spread throughout the world, bringing its boots, clothing and gear to the four corners of the globe. The timberland boot is the trademark of the company. Its sturdy leather construction makes it valued for the quality as well as the price. Unfortunately, timberland boots are not indestructible and can be damaged by water. Fixing boots damaged by water can be challenging.

Remove the shoelaces from both boots.

Brush both boots to remove dust, dirt or anything else that may be on the boot. If a boot or shoe brush is not available, a soft cloth will provide the same results. Make sure to clean the entire surface area of the boot for the best results.

Use saddle soap and water for the best cleaning. Dip a damp cloth in the saddle soap and work into a lather. Use circular motions and rub the saddle soap on the leather.

Be sure to rinse all the saddle soap off the boots. Leaving saddle soap on the boots will cause them to dry out. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for saddle soap use.

Apply a leather conditioner while the boot is still damp from the saddle soap cleaning. A quality conditioner will contain lanolin, which helps waterproof the boots.

Allow boots to air dry completely for 24 hours. To help your boots keep their shape while drying, put shoe trees in the boots.

Apply boot polish or wax to the boots once they are completely dry. Using water-proofing wax will help protect your boots from future water damage.

Dry the boots by gently rubbing them with another clean, dry cloth. Let the boots completely air dry before you wear them.