How to Fix Sneaker Soles

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A very common problem that sneakers develop, is a split on the side of the sole or between the upper part of the shoe and the sole. Many people will throw out otherwise good sneakers once this problem occurs. However, there is no need to get rid of your shoes because of a broken sole. This problem can be easily repaired at home, saving you a lot of money and prolonging the life of your sneakers.

Cut off any frayed pieces around the split in the side of the sole using a pair of small nail scissors.

Sand the surface around the split in the shoe with sandpaper. Sand it lightly and gently to remove any uneven areas on the surface of the split.

Dab some rubbing alcohol onto a cotton cloth. Rub the surface of the split in the shoe with the cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Let the shoe sit for 20 minutes, until all of the alcohol has evaporated.

Apply the shoe sole glue to the area inside the split. Cover the entire surface of the split. Press the two sides together. Wrap duct tape around the shoe to keep the two sides firmly together until the glue has fully cured.

Leave the duct tape on for 24 hours.

Remove the duct tape very gently, once the 24 hour period has elapsed.