How to Take Care of Kangaroo Leather

Worn brown leather

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Strong and lightweight, kangaroo leather is often used in the manufacture of soccer shoes and other items that require both flexibility and strength. Because of kangaroo leather's unique composition, it can be split and still retain significant strength. But like any leather product, it must be cared for in order to maintain its appearance and durability. Doing so will increase the longevity of your leather item significantly.

Caring For Kangaroo Leather

Polish the kangaroo leather item with traditional shoe polish before wearing or using the item for the first time. This will soften the leather and make it water-resistant. Remove items that you do not want to get polish on, such as laces or detachable buttons, beforehand.

Begin breaking the item in. If it is something like kangaroo leather shoes, wear them around the house, allowing the leather to soften and conform to your foot.

Clean the item after use with warm water and a washcloth to avoid damage from dirt. Dirt can pull moisture out of the leather, making it vulnerable to cracking. Do not use soap, which may damage the leather or dry it out.

Set the item in a spot that has plenty of air if it gets wet. Do not set it in front of a heat source to dry as this can crack the leather. If needed, put balled up newspapers inside the item to absorb moisture. Once thoroughly dry, polish the leather in order to keep it protected.

Soften and condition the kangaroo leather with mink oil, leather food, or another product designed to condition leather. Apply the conditioning agent liberally and let it dry on the leather overnight before applying a second coat. Allow the conditioner to dry a second time before buffing residue off with a soft rag.

Store the kangaroo leather item in a container that allows air to flow through it. Moist shoes stored in an airtight container may develop mold or become overly stiff. If stored in a box, make sure it has holes to allow air to reach the leather.