How to Repair a Split Sole on Shoes

As shoes have become more expensive in recent years, you may opt to repair rather than replace your broken shoes. As shoes age, the rubber soles begin to wear away and become brittle, causing splits. Fortunately, minor splits in a shoe sole are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair.

Remove any loose pieces of rubber or debris from the split. Thoroughly clean the area with warm water and mild detergent and allow the sole to dry thoroughly.

Insert a shoe horn into the shoe. Be particularly careful to adjust the shoe horn to the appropriate width.

Fill the split with shoe repair adhesive. Apply the adhesive liberally to both sides of the split.

Attach a shoe clamp to the outside of the sole, squeezing the split together. With a damp paper towel, wipe away any excess glue which squeezes out as you tighten the clamps.

Cover a flat surface with a layer of aluminum foil and place the shoe sole-down on top. Balance a heavy book on top of the shoe to ensure that the shoe remains flat as it dries.

Allow the shoe to dry thoroughly according to the package directions of the adhesive. Buff off any excess glue with a square of 250 grit sandpaper before wearing.