Can Rubber Boots Be Recycled?

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Rubber boots keep feet dry in the rain and when working near water. But eventually they split, crack or just wear out, or become too small. What's an ecologically minded rubber boot lover to do? Rubber boots are typically not recyclable. Most recycled rubber is from tires and transformed into playground covering, floor mats, mulch and other products. Rubber boots can, however, be re-purposed.

Boots to Planters

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Turn old rubber boots into planters by filling a boot with soil and seeds.

Boots to Shoes

Cut off the top-portion of the boot to create rubber garden shoes.

Dress Up a Scare Crow

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Old rubber boots find new purpose on a scare crow.

Kittens Love Boots

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An old rubber boot can entertain a rambunctious kitten.

Share and Donate

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Rubber boots make mud puddles more fun. Re-use outgrown rubber boots by sharing with friends or donating to others who can enjoy them.