Harry Potter Party Ideas for Adults

While J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter book series as a set of children's stories, there are countless devoted fans who are adults, as well. Whether it's Halloween or you just have some like-minded friends coming over, a Harry Potter party can be an enjoyable theme for your friends to experience. From the decorations to the food, recreate a Hogwarts atmosphere for your adult Harry Potter fan friends.


Advise your guests to dress in one of two fashions: dress in wizardy wear, whether or not they imitate a famous character from the movies, or come as a wizard trying unsuccessfully to pass as a Muggle. As Harry Potter fans know, many witches and wizards get it hilariously wrong when they attempt to dress in Muggle fashion. A top hat, ballerina dress and swim fins would not be out of character. Give prizes to the best costume in each category, so they don't have to compete with each other.


Use poster board to create large crests representing the four houses in Hogwarts. Separate the party area into four distinct areas and keep the decorations in each area the correct color for its corresponding house. Push tables together to create one long table and cover it with a white tablecloth or paper to represent the tables in the dining hall. Hang battery-operated candles in the air by invisible fishing wire so that they look as if they're floating. Fill black balloons with helium and cover them with black gauzy fabric, then tie them down to float around the corners as a troop of evil Dementors.

Food and Drink

The Harry Potter book series is filled with unusual things to eat and drink, giving you lots of variety for your party. Serve your guests Gillyweed Cocktails, which are blue martinis, Butterbeer, a mixture of cream soda and butterscotch schnapps, and Firewhisky, which is red hot Schnapps. Poke black shoestring licorice into chocolate cupcakes to make cauldron cakes, mix together melted chocolate and chow mein noodles and drop spoonfuls onto waxed paper to make cockroach clusters and bake pumpkin pie filling in circles of dough folded over to make pumpkin pie pasties.


Search gift shops and costume shops to find a sorting hat from the movies. Pick a house for each guest from the sorting hat, and divide the games up into houses. Hide a small Golden Snitch in your home and play trivia question games to find it. Set up a table full of ingredients with fake labels like "powdered bicorn horn" or "lacewing flies", then let each guest create their own potions. Vote for the best and worst results.