How to Store a Cheese Wheel With a Wax Rind

by Daria Kelly Uhlig
An uncut cheese wheel lasts indefinitely in cool storage.

An uncut cheese wheel lasts indefinitely in cool storage.

Wax protects cheese wheels from mold growth. It creates a seal that allows cheese makers and retailers to store an uncut wheel indefinitely. After you've cut into a wheel you've purchased and exposed the cheese inside, you need a different storage method.

Choosing the Best Environment

Store cut waxed cheese you'll eat within a day or two under a cheese dome at room temperature. The dome stores the cheese at the right humidity, and it allows you to serve it without waiting for the cheese to warm. Store waxed cheese longer in your refrigerator's vegetable or cold-cut compartment. Cut off only the amount you'll eat in a day, and bring it to room temperature before you serve it.

Wrapping the Cheese

Cheese needs to breathe. The tight plastic wrap surrounding waxed cheese wedges you purchase in supermarkets degrades the flavor and encourages mold growth. Cheese paper is an alternative that allows enough air flow to keep the cheese tasting its best but not so much that the cheese dries out. Substitute parchment or wax paper if cheese paper is unavailable, leaving the wax on the outer rind of the cheese for added protection. Loosely cover the wrapped cheese with a plastic bag to inhibit the exchange of odors between cheese and other foods in your refrigerator.

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