How to Freeze Cheeses

Maasdam Cheese and cheese with mould image by Galaiko Sergey from

It is hard to pass up a good supermarket sale, especially if the item on sale is expensive cheese. Saving money is important but no one wants to waste food. Next time you find yourself with some extra cheese, freeze it. While frozen cheese will lose a little of its velvety texture, with proper storage, no flavor is lost. Use frozen cheeses for cooking your favorite recipes. Some cheeses that freeze well are cheddar, mozzarella, provolone and Swiss.

Cut the cheese into ½-pound blocks.

Tear off a piece of plastic wrap three times as long as the cheese block. Lay the plastic on a counter. Smooth out the plastic and wrap it around the cheese.

Place the wrapped block in a freezer bag. Use freezer bags with zippers to ensure the best quality storage.

Thaw the cheese overnight in the refrigerator before using.