How to Order Cooper Sharp Cheese

The Cooper company makes American cheese that it distributes to various grocery stores in the Northeastern states, but it can be difficult to track down if you do not live in that area of the country. Cooper Sharp American Cheese tastes similar to standard American cheese, but it has a tangy, strong flavor, like other sharp cheeses. Fortunately, there is a way to order Cooper Sharp American Cheese online. Buy the cheese in bricks as large as 5 lbs.

Go to a website that sells Cooper Sharp American Cheese. Two of the websites that sell this product are ShopRite and CubaCheese.

Select the type and size of cheese you want to order, which will be either Cooper Sharp White or Cooper Sharp Yellow. As of January 2010, ShopRite sells a range of .25- to 3-lb. bricks of Cooper cheese, and CubaCheese sells Cooper cheese in 5-lb. bricks.

Click "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" and enter your billing and shipping information in the checkout area of the website. The cheese will be delivered to your home at standard shipping rates.