How to Get a Certified Birth Certificate From Buffalo, New York

You can request a birth certificate from Buffalo, New York, by mail, over the Internet or in person. Birth certificates are available in full size or wallet size. You can order wallet-sized birth certificates in person for $25 or full-size certified birth certificates for $10 per copy as of January 2011. Birth certificate copies are only available to the individual named on the certificate or the parents listed on the birth certificate. All others must have an order by New York State or government agency.


Open the Vitalchek web page and click "Birth certificate." (See Resources.)

Click "Continue."

Click the option that best describes the birth certificate you are ordering. The options are "My birth certificate" or "Another person's birth certificate."

Enter the name of the person whose certificate you are requesting and click "Continue."

Click the drop-down arrow to select the state, "New York," and click "Continue."

Click the drop- down arrow and select the city, "Buffalo," and click "Continue."

Click the drop-down arrows and enter the birth date of the person whose birth certificate you are requesting. Click "Continue."

Click the drop-down arrow and click the reason for the request. Click "Continue."

Click "Continue" to confirm your request and the associated fees. Vitalchek requires a $8.50 processing fee per order in addition to the fee for purchasing the birth certificate.

Enter the personal information about the individual including the parents' names as listed on the birth certificate.

Enter the shipping information and click "Continue." Standard mail shipping is free.

Enter your payment information and click "Continue." Your request will be completed and mailed within 10 and 14 business days if shipped through standard mail.

In Person

Visit the Vital Records office at 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202.

Provide your identification to the clerk and provide the birth-certificate information. Valid proofs of identification include valid driver's license, photo identification card, passport or other government-issued identification.

Provide your payment for the birth certificate. You can pay with cash, credit card or money order.

By Mail

Complete a written request including the name on the birth certificate requested, date of birth, mother's maiden name and father's name (if available).

Insert the written request, a self-addressed stamped envelope, a photocopy of your valid identification and a money order for payment into an stamped envelope.

Mail the envelope to Vital Records, 1302 City Hall, 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202.