How to Find Someone by the Town That They Live in

by Tabitha Harwell

You can search and locate someone from the convenience of your living room couch as long as you have the correct information. Since you already know the town where the person lives, your search should be fairly simple to accomplish; however, there are times where the town is too large, the name is too common and the resources are limited so you may have to use more than one method to locate the person.

Take advantage of a free online search through national address banks such as, and Yahoo! people search. These three websites allow people to search for an individual simply by typing their last name and the town, or zip code, where the person lives.

Pick up the phone and call the national information line by dialing 411 from your phone. This service costs a fee of $1.99, as ofpublication, per phone call. The operator will ask for the town, state and name of the person you wish to contact. The operator will give you the phone number to the person, if available. Once you have the phone number, visit, or Yahoo people search to do a reverse phone number look-up. This feature allows people to enter in a phone number and the search engine will pull the available address associated with the phone number.

Call or visit the local Post Office. According to, you can ask the Post Office if the person filled out a change of address form, or an Information Provider to help you locate the person through the last name and previous place of residence.


  • Reverse phone number searches may not work on cell phones.
  • Note all the information you receive from various sources. As you search for the person you may come across another phone number or previous address. This may be helpful in your search.

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