Where to Look Up Someone by Email Address

by Mel Frank

Finding someone online has never been easier. If you know where to look and you submit the proper search, you should be able to find old friends or classmates at the push of a button.

Yahoo People Search

Yahoo People Search (http://people.yahoo.com/) offers a simple people search. You can search for address or email address. Simply type in the person's name (first name not required, but is helpful in narrowing the search results), and you will have a list of matches.


MyFreeEmailSearch.com is another great option for finding long-lost friends. Another very easy to use website, simply type in the person's name (first and last names required), and you can search nationwide, or narrow your search to city and/or state.


Switchboard.com is very helpful in finding email addresses of long-lost acquaintances. Click on the "Find a Person" tab and enter first name, last name and approximate age. This will narrow your search by age group.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv

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