How to Find People You've Lost Touch With for Free

by Herman Cruz

The Internet features websites that can help you look for people for free.

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Whether you have moved to a different town, or you have simply lost touch with former classmates, friends, coworkers or family members, today it's possible to look for them, thanks to the Internet. Various web services charge a fee to help you look for people you want to reconnect with. However, if you want to accomplish this for free, you can use web services such as, and

This free service uses the Intelius, Inc. database to look for people by name, address or by phone number depending on the information you provide. To browse the site, Click on the "By Name," "By Address," or "By Phone Number" link displayed on the upper-right side of the page, below the Find a Person heading. Type the information required in the corresponding fields. For instance, if you are searching by name, type the first and last name of the person, as well as the city or zip code, and the state where the person is located. Click on the "Find" tab and the search results will display possible matches.

ZabaSearch is a free search engine that helps you find people and public information. This site reveals telephone numbers and addresses without prompting you to register. With ZabaSearch, you can look for people by name or by phone number. Type the full name of the person in the text field, beneath the People Search by Name heading. Next, click on the "All 50 State" drop-down menu to select the state where the person is located. If you are searching by phone number, type the person's 10-digit phone number in the text field below the Search by Phone Number heading.

Click on the "Free People Search" or the "Search by Phone Number" tab, depending on the search you selected. The search results will display all of the possible matches. If you search by phone number, your results will be more accurate.

White Pages is a free provider of contact information for people in the United States, with more than 200 million people in its database. Type the first name, last name and the city, state or zip code of the person you are looking for in the corresponding text fields. Click the "Find" tab and White Pages will display all the possible matches on the search results page. Click on the person that matches your search, and you will gain access to the person's phone number and physical address.


  • You can also use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to look for people. These are the leading social networking sites with the most worldwide users.

    Not every service will display records for the person you are looking for, and you may have to pay a fee to receive more than the person's name and address.

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