How to Find Somebody's Cell Number Online by Name

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Losing someone’s cell phone number can be a pain, especially if it’s someone you really care for. Thanks to the internet, you can perform an online cell phone look-up if you have the person’s full name. Online phone directories help you find out the cell phone number associated with the name of the person you are looking for. However, since a cell phone number is registered with a cell phone company, the records aren’t public; therefore, sometimes online phone directories require a fee.

Verify that you have the correct spelling for the name of the person you are looking for. This will eliminate mismatches, reduce the number of results you get from the online phone directory, and ensure your page results are more specific. Gather any other information you have about the person, too. A current address, age or birthday come in handy to get a more specific list of options.

Visit phone directory websites like Intelius, and Zabasearch to perform your search. These websites offer free, detailed information such as phone number, name, age, current address and potential relatives. Be aware that you likely will may get a more in-depth background check if you pay a fee. Many sites offer cell phone numbers as part of their premium service which you can usually access by taking out a subscription or paying a onetime fee.

Type the name of the person you are looking for into the online phone directory's search field. Narrow the search by city and state if you can. The results will come back instantly. Verify the matches against the other details you have for the person such as his address. This will ensure that you're looking at the correct profile.

Type the person's name into the Facebook search bar. Many people list their telephone numbers on their profiles; if the person has made her profile public, then the phone number should appear for anyone to see. You could also type the person's name into Google. If your friend has put her cell phone number anywhere online, for example, on a personal website or corporate profile, then a simple Google search should be able to find it.